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From the moment the real space race began, it was enshrouded with secrecy and disinformation. Now reports of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, suppressed advanced technologies and expansive government cover-ups are making their way into mass consciousness. But we have all been denied the whole story by those who would benefit from our continuing ignorance.

What has been hidden will become evident as the pieces of this intricate puzzle are finally put together. In Deep Space, Gaia brings together the best minds in their fields to shed new light on an extremely controversial subject which can no longer remain hidden or denied. It is up to you to evaluate the evidence and decide where you stand on the question of humanity’s presence in the far reaches of the universe.

Season 1 (2016):

E1 - Ancient Space Program
Since the 1960’s, NASA-born space programs have taken a prominent place in the media and collected accolades for their accomplishments of furthering humanity into the space age. But what if this was all a major front to obscure NASA’s interest in ancient space programs? Scattered all about the world, many ancient sites hold subtle clues that we have not been alone for a very long time. In this inaugural episode of Deep Space, we scour the world uncovering evidence of arcane extraterrestrial civilizations and examine NASA’s interest in recovering advanced technology from these locations.

E2 - Mysteries of the Solar System
While the search for scattered remains of ancient aliens on Earth continues, greater mysteries stretch throughout the solar system before us. Astro-archeological clues indicate that our solar system was once the staging ground for an ancient civilization which propagates life throughout the universe. In preparation for our eventual evolution, they left behind a trail of interstellar bread crumbs for us to follow. This may be seen in the writings of Philip K. Dick, the enduring presence of the Black Knight satellite and in the channeled writings of Maria Orsic. More than just initiating our progress into a new space age, these communications may also be subtle indications of the true nature of our reality.

E3 - The German Flying Saucers
During the furor of World War Two, German engineers created the world’s first flying saucers using information gleaned from ancient manuscripts, channeled information and possibly with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. Despite these superior advances in technology, the German government surrendered. Meanwhile, the keepers of this secret technology fled to Antarctica. The series of events which would unfold from this action would pave the way for the establishment of a national security state and give new grounds for the German scientists to continue building out a secret space program.

E4 - Dark Alliance
Post WWII, prominent German scientists come to America to continue their clandestine developments of space-faring technology. This time, their efforts bolster a burgeoning military industrial complex. But mistakes are made and secrets leak in the most unexpected of ways. In order to mitigate the repercussions of these leaks, layers of disinformation and misdirection are employed by newly created organizations which create cover stories and discredit reliable witnesses. Their strange stories have the public arguing over the prominence of swamp gas vs. alien invasions. Meanwhile, the testing of flying saucers with human occupants continues and the creation of an advanced breakaway civilization begins.

E5 - Secrets of Anti-Gravity
New research is bringing to light that German scientists have been researching anti-gravity technology for over 150 years. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are considered to be the prominent pioneers in electrical research, while few have ever heard of T. Townsend Brown. This is because he discovered the link between electricity and gravity – the critical theory behind exotic propulsion methods used in the secret development of space-faring vehicles. As we examine his work alongside torsion field theory from Andrei Kozyrev, we can finally understand the science behind the anti-gravity systems used for the German Haunebu craft and other vehicles in the secret space programs.

E6 - Covert Colonization of Space
With the success of the burgeoning secret space program, innovative technological achievements push the frontier of the program far beyond potential threats on Earth. Thus a new civilization is born, hidden away under the surface of the moon and secret bases on Mars. This covert colonization of space, including the continuing construction of space vehicles and the massive effort to fund it, must be protected at all costs. So new degrees of deceptions are developed to keep these secrets away from the public and the prying eyes of government officials, as well.

E7 - Inside the Program
The ever-growing expanse of breakaway civilizations requires a vast workforce ranging from menial labor to intelligentsia. Some people are recruited under false pretenses, some are genetically engineered, and others are outright abducted from their lives on Earth. None, however, are prepared for what they will face during their tenure inside the program. Those who have returned convey that their involvement challenged the range of human experience from the awful to the unimaginably awesome.

E8 - Rise of Artificial Intelligence
The onward march of technology can be quite exhilarating as new developments promise to usher in a new era of ease, education and wellbeing for all of humanity. But with every silver lining there is a dark cloud. The integration of computers and people is certain to come, sooner than many of us expect. But who will claim superiority over the destiny of our planet when technologically augmented human beings clash with the rise of artificial intelligence? And what is the role of the strange dragonfly drones, which appear to be of extraterrestrial A.I. origin, in all of this?

E9 - Aliens and Cover-Ups
Are we truly alone in this universe? To answer this question, we only need look to the annals of human history. What we call UFO phenomena has long been recorded in ancient artworks, literature and architecture. But there is a hole in this history that can only be filled by understanding how advanced these alien civilizations are. However, governments of the world have created an elaborate cover-up scheme intended to discredit all evidence, ranging from NASA footage to ancient works—all of which proves the long-term extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

E10 - The New NASA Connection
With a myriad missions to Mars, we have been inundated with images of the red planet. However, what many of us see does not reveal the whole story. Those who have obtained the original images have discovered anomalous features such as artificial structures and living beings. Thus begs the question, what does NASA really know, why are they doing such a poor job of hiding it from us, and when will we get the whole truth? The answers may already be hiding in plain sight.

E11 - The Veil
Despite tightfisted governments of the world holding on to information concerning the extraterrestrial presence, the truth will find a way. All over the world, filmmakers are inserting information into their projects which would shock the world, should it be revealed callously. Embedded within these fantastic tales of science fiction and fantasy lay the seeds of predictive programming. Seeds based upon a new algorithm that we all help to program. What is yet to come, when the veil is lifted, may be based upon what we do and say, collectively.

Season 2 (2017):

E1 - JFK and the Secret Space Program
In this episode of Deep Space our team of researchers carefully trace document trails to uncover who benefited most from JFKâ€TMs death.

E2 - The True History of the Space Race
In this episode of Deep Space our team of researchers reveal the history of overt and covert space programs.

E3 - NASA: Never A Straight Answer
In this episode of Deep Space NASA may be willing to talk about the things that they are hiding but will never give a straight answer.

E4 - Hyperdimensional Physics and the Solar System
In this episode of Deep Space our team of researchers examine the hyperdimensional mysteries of our solar system.

E5 - Rise of the Artificial Moon
In this episode of Deep Space: Is the moon and artificial construct that contains a hidden message encoding the deeper mysteries of our universe?

E6 - Our Moon: Lunacy by Design
In this episode of Deep Space, the moon holds a powerful computer which has fallen to reptilian control.

E7 - Martian Refugees
In this episode of Deep Space Martian refugees fled their home planet to find refuge in the most unlikely of places.

E8 - A Secret Base at Dulce?
In this episode of Deep Space, Dulce, NM is an isolated area, haunted by a myriad of strange events which may be connected to a secret military base.

E9 - The Gods of Eden
In this episode of Deep Space, the Annunaki, planned a destiny for us which is still being played out through our ongoing obsession with gold.

E10 - Alien Origins of Gnosticism
In this episode of Deep Space, the ancient Gnostic scrolls highlight a path for spiritual evolution that threatens the power elite.

E11 - The Singularity
In this episode of Deep Space, advances in computer power are soon to exceed our capacity to predict what is to come.

E12 - A.I. and the Future of Humanity
In this episode of Deep Space, Is the solution to surviving the singularity, and keeping pace, to integrate the human form with machines?

E13 - Cygnus and Quantum Entanglement
In this episode of Deep Space, what is the connection between TabbyŠ-Ès star in Cygnus, ancient megalithic structures and the origin of humanity?

E14 - Valley of Portals
In this episode of Deep Space, the San Luis Valley has ideal conditions for portals to form, connecting our world with parallel realities.

E15 - Breaking Free of the Matrix
In this episode of Deep Space, uncover the history of mind control and the establishment of a baseline reality confining our expression of what it means to be human.

Video: x265 10bit @ CRF25, medium preset, AQ3
Audio: Passthrough MP3 320 kbps 2ch

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Deep Space - Season 1-2 - 1080p x265 MP3 - Dr3adLoX Season 1
  • S01E01 - Ancient Space Program.mkv (426.2 MB)
  • S01E02 - Mysteries of the Solar System.mkv (492.4 MB)
  • S01E03 - The German Flying Saucers.mkv (429.1 MB)
  • S01E04 - Dark Alliance.mkv (298.8 MB)
  • S01E05 - Secrets of Anti-Gravity.mkv (440.7 MB)
  • S01E06 - Covert Colonization of Space.mkv (395.3 MB)
  • S01E07 - Inside the Program.mkv (402.6 MB)
  • S01E08 - Rise of Artificial Intelligence.mkv (501.4 MB)
  • S01E09 - Aliens and Cover-Ups.mkv (327.3 MB)
  • S01E10 - The New NASA Connection.mkv (336.9 MB)
  • S01E11 - The Veil.mkv (481.5 MB)
Season 2
  • S02E01 - JFK and the Secret Space Program.mkv (364.6 MB)
  • S02E02 - The True History of the Space Race.mkv (391.8 MB)
  • S02E03 - NASA Never A Straight Answer.mkv (463.1 MB)
  • S02E04 - Hyperdimensional Physics and the Solar System.mkv (375.4 MB)
  • S02E05 - Rise of the Artificial Moon.mkv (318.5 MB)
  • S02E06 - Our Moon Lunacy by Design.mkv (397.8 MB)
  • S02E07 - Martian Refugees.mkv (312.6 MB)
  • S02E08 - A Secret Base at Dulce.mkv (406.8 MB)
  • S02E09 - The Gods of Eden.mkv (444.9 MB)
  • S02E10 - Alien Origins of Gnosticism.mkv (448.8 MB)
  • S02E11 - The Singularity.mkv (455.9 MB)
  • S02E12 - A.I. and the Future of Humanity.mkv (507.2 MB)
  • S02E13 - Cygnus and Quantum Entanglement.mkv (370.2 MB)
  • S02E14 - Valley of Portals.mkv (334.6 MB)
  • S02E15 - Breaking Free of the Matrix.mkv (392.3 MB)

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