Frank Wilczek - Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004 (6 books)

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Frank Wilczek - Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004 (6 books, 353 papers)

FRANK WILCZEK (b. 1951) is an American theoretical physicist and mathematician renowned for his boundary-pushing investigations into the fundamental laws of nature.  He is currently the Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics at the MIT Center for Theoretical Physics.  In 2004, he shared, with David J. Gross and H. David Politzer, the Nobel Prize in Physics "for the discovery of asymptotic freedom in the theory of the strong interaction."

In the early 1970s, while a graduate student working with David Gross at Princeton University, Wilczek (together with Gross) discovered asymptotic freedom, which holds that the closer quarks are to each other, the less the strong interaction (or color charge) between them; when quarks are in extreme proximity, the nuclear force between them is so weak that they behave almost as free particles.  The theory, which was independently discovered by H. David Politzer, was important for the development of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), and forms the key to the interpretation of almost all experimental studies involving modern particle accelerators.

Wilczek has made seminal contributions to fundamental particle physics, cosmology, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, and the quantum theory of black holes.  His research interests include Axions, Anyons, and Time Crystals, concepts in physics which he named and pioneered.  Each has become a major focus of world-wide research.

His books for general audiences have been praised for being at once profound and light, filled with humour, wordplay and original explanations of difficult concepts.  His nontechnical language is devoid of mathematics and theoretical proofs, and rich in personal reflection and historical context.  Freeman Dyson, writing in the New York Review of Books, described Wilczek as "one of the most brilliant practitioners of particle physics...  He writes as he thinks, with a lightness of touch that can come only to one who is absolute master of his subject."

FUNDAMENTALS: TEN KEYS TO REALITY (2021), his most recent book, investigates the ideas that form our understanding of the universe: time, space, matter, energy, complexity, and complementarity.  Synthesizing basic questions, facts, and dazzling speculations, Wilczek excavates the history of fundamental science, exploring what we know and how we know it, while journeying to the horizons of the scientific world to give us a glimpse of what we may soon discover.

Wilczek is a regular contributor to Physics Today and to Nature, explaining topics at the frontiers of physics to wider scientific audiences.  In addition to the Nobel Prize, Wilczek has received numerous other honours including, in May 2022, the Templeton Prize for work that reveals "a vision of a universe that he regards as embodying mathematical beauty at the scales of the magnificently large and unimaginably small."

The following books, and more than 350 (unitemized) academic papers, are in PDF format unless otherwise noted:

* A Beautiful Question: Finding Natures Deep Design (Penguin, 2015) – ePUB
* Fantastic Realities: 49 Mind Journeys... (World Scientific, 2006)
* Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality (Penguin, 2021) – ePUB
* The Lightness of Being (Basic Books, 2008) – ePUB + PDF
* Longing for the Harmoniess [with B. Devine] (Norton, 1989)

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* Geometric Phases in Physics (World Scientific, 1989)

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Wilczek, Frank (6 books)
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  • A Beautiful Question
    • Wilczek, Frank - A Beautiful Question (Penguin, 2015).epub (30.0 MB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - A Beautiful Question (Penguin, 2015).jpg (136.7 KB)
    Bibliography and CV
    • Wilczek, Frank - Bibliography, 1973-2021.pdf (880.8 KB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - CV.pdf (229.6 KB)
    Fantastic Realities
    • Wilczek, Frank - Fantastic Realities (World Scientific, 2006).jpg (108.3 KB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - Fantastic Realities (World Scientific, 2006).pdf (10.7 MB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - Fundamentals_ Ten Keys to Reality (Penguin, 2021).epub (959.9 KB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - Fundamentals_ Ten Keys to Reality (Penguin, 2021).jpg (569.9 KB)
    Geometric Phases in Physics [ed.]
    • Wilczek, Frank [ed.] - Geometric Phases in Physics (World Scientific, 1989).jpg (86.3 KB)
    • Wilczek, Frank [ed.] - Geometric Phases in Physics (World Scientific, 1989).pdf (36.7 MB)
    Lightness of Being, The
    • Wilczek, Frank - The Lightness of Being (Basic Books, 2008).epub (3.9 MB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - The Lightness of Being (Basic Books, 2008).jpg (135.2 KB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - The Lightness of Being (Basic Books, 2008).pdf (2.1 MB)
    Longing for the Harmonies
    • Wilczek, Frank - Longing for the Harmonies (Norton, 1989).jpg (210.4 KB)
    • Wilczek, Frank - Longing for the Harmonies (Norton, 1989).pdf (12.7 MB)
    Miscellaneous Papers
    • ‘National Greatness’ versus real national greatness (2009).pdf (85.6 KB)
    • 2n-quasihole states realize 2n−1-dimensional spinor braiding... (1996).pdf (1.2 MB)
    • 10 12 Degrees in the Shade (1994).pdf (12.2 MB)
    • A Chern-Simons effective field theory... (1998).pdf (729.6 KB)
    • A crack in the Standard Model (1996).pdf (712.4 KB)
    • A landmark proof (2011).pdf (655.7 KB)
    • A model of comprehensive unification (2017).pdf (258.0 KB)
    • A perspective on pentaquarks (2004).pdf (119.5 KB)
    • A short-lived axion variant (1986).pdf (322.9 KB)
    • A stellar energy loss mechanism involving axions (1984).pdf (287.2 KB)
    • A weighty mass difference (2015).pdf (73.6 KB)
    • Advantages and distinguishing features of focus supersymmetry (2005).pdf (94.0 KB)
    • After a Golden Age (2012).pdf (275.6 KB)
    • Aharonov-Bohm Interaction of Cosmic Strings with Matter (1989).pdf (256.2 KB)
    • Algebra of Majorana Doubling (2013).pdf (92.5 KB)
    • An action for black hole membranes (1998).pdf (224.0 KB)
    • An emptier emptiness (2005).pdf (487.9 KB)
    • An explorer and surveyor (2005).pdf (184.0 KB)
    • Analysis and Synthesis, I (2003).pdf (77.0 KB)
    • Analysis and Synthesis, II (2003).pdf (815.7 KB)
    • Analysis and Synthesis, III (2003).pdf (75.2 KB)
    • Analysis and Synthesis, IV (2004).pdf (151.8 KB)
    • Ancestry of the Anyon (1990).pdf (1.0 MB)
    • And you’re glue (1999).pdf (165.1 KB)
    • Anomalies, Hawking radiations & regularity in rotating black holes (2006).pdf (152.1 KB)
    • Anomalous dimensions of anisotropic gauge theory operators (1990).pdf (305.7 KB)
    • Anticipating a new Golden Age (2008).pdf (1,019.6 KB)
    • Anyons (1991).pdf (474.3 KB)
    • Anyons for Anyone (1991).pdf (9.4 MB)
    • Appearance of Gauge Structure in Simple Dynamical Systems (1984).pdf (192.5 KB)
    • Application of Renormalization Group to Second-Order QCD... (1992).pdf (754.2 KB)
    • Artificial vacuum for T-violation experiment (1987).pdf (241.6 KB)
    • Asymptotic Freedom [Nobel Lecture] (2004).pdf (968.2 KB)
    • Asymptotically free gauge theories, I (1973).pdf (1.6 MB)
    • Asymptotically free gauge theories, II (1974).pdf (1.1 MB)
    • Axion cosmology and the energy scale of inflation (2008).pdf (954.9 KB)
    • Axions and Family Symmetry Breaking (1982).pdf (296.6 KB)
    • Back to Basics at Ultrahigh Temperatures (1998).pdf (929.1 KB)
    • Backyard exotica (2000).pdf (138.3 KB)
    • BCS As Foundation and Inspiration (2010).pdf (379.1 KB)
    • Beautiful Losers (2011).pdf (651.8 KB)
    • Beautiful Losers, Plato’s Geometry of Elements (2011).pdf (1.2 MB)
    • Beyond the Standard Model (1993).pdf (1.4 MB)
    • Beyond the Standard Model (1999).pdf (713.8 KB)
    • Black holes as elementary particles (1992).pdf (1.7 MB)
    • Bolometric Detection of Neutrinos (1985).pdf (244.5 KB)
    • Boundedness from below of SU(5) Higgs potential (1982).pdf (155.4 KB)
    • Branched Quantization (2012).pdf (115.8 KB)
    • Breached Pairing Superfluidity (2003).pdf (107.6 KB)
    • Calculations for Cosmic Axion Detection (1985).pdf (652.9 KB)
    • Catalyzed nucleon decay in neutron stars (1982).pdf (229.3 KB)
    • Charged stripes from an alternating static magnetic field (2000).pdf (48.7 KB)
    • Chiral Casimir forces (2019).pdf (746.8 KB)
    • Chiral spin states and superconductivity (1989).pdf (583.6 KB)
    • Classical hair in string theory, I (1996).pdf (957.5 KB)
    • Classical Time Crystals (2012).pdf (131.1 KB)
    • Color Erasure Detectors Enable Chromatic Interferometry (2019).pdf (799.5 KB)
    • Color Superconductivity and Signs of its Formation (1998).pdf (264.7 KB)
    • Color-flavor locking and chiral symmetry breaking (1999).pdf (862.0 KB)
    • Colour takes the field (1997).pdf (301.7 KB)
    • Comments on the high-Q2 HERA anomaly (1997).pdf (739.0 KB)
    • Compactification of the twisted heterotic string (1987).pdf (778.1 KB)
    • Consequences of time-reversal-symmetry violation... (1989).pdf (881.1 KB)
    • Conservation or violation of B − L in proton decay (1979).pdf (286.9 KB)
    • Constraints on heavy neutrinos (1981).pdf (259.9 KB)
    • Continuity of Quark and Hadron Matter (1998).pdf (140.4 KB)
    • Conversation with Frank Wilczek ( 2006).pdf (751.3 KB)
    • Cosmic Asymmetry between Matter and Antimatter (1980).pdf (631.1 KB)
    • Cosmological implications of axinos (1991).pdf (1.9 MB)
    • Cosmology and broken discrete symmetry (1991).pdf (901.1 KB)
    • Cosmology of the invisible axion (1983).pdf (427.6 KB)
    • CP violation, Higgs couplings, and supersymmetry (1998).pdf (197.3 KB)
    • Cross-Confinement in Multi-Chern-Simons Theories (1997).pdf (95.8 KB)
    • Decays of Heavy Vector Mesons into Higgs Particles (1977).pdf (208.7 KB)
    • Did the Big Bang boil (2006).pdf (457.8 KB)


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