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The Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn (1972).16bit-44kh.Flac.mickjapa108

Track List

1.Lost in a Lost World
2.New Horizons
3.For My Lady
4.Isn't Life Strange
5.You and Me
6.The Land of Make-Believe
7.When You're a Free Man
8.I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)

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Duration : 4 min 45 s
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 824 kb/s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel layout : L R
Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Compression mode : Lossless
Stream size : 28.0 MiB (100%)
Writing library : libFLAC 1.2.1

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and Seventh Sojourn
For their next two albums, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971) – from which Hayward's "The Story in Your Eyes"
was taken as a US charting single (No. 23) - and Seventh Sojourn (1972) (which reached No. 1 in the US),
the band returned to their signature orchestral sound which, while difficult to reproduce in concert, had become their trademark.
The title "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" was borrowed, tongue-in-cheek, from a mnemonic used to remember the musical notes
that form the lines of the treble clef: EGBDF. The opening track "Procession" was the only item composed by all five band members,
a fascinating track depicting the "evolution" of music, leading into Hayward's "Story in Your Eyes".
Thomas's reflective "Our Guessing Game" and whimsical "Nice To Be Here" offset the deeper drama of Hayward's "You Can Never Go Home",
Lodge's "One More Time To Live" and Pinder's "My Song". Edge, the long-standing drummer-poet, started writing lyrics intended to be sung,
rather than verses to be spoken – his "After You Came" (1971) featured each of the four lead singers taking a vocal section.
Then in 1972, Lodge's songs "Isn't Life Strange?" (No. 13) and "I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)"
(No. 36) were lifted from Seventh Sojourn as charting UK singles. Sojourn also saw Pinder using the new Chamberlin instrument
in place of the mellotron and Edge using an electronic drum kit. Pinder's stirring lament "Lost in a Lost World" opened this last
"Core Seven" outing, while his sympathetic ode to Timothy Leary "When You're a Free Man", Thomas's romantic "For My Lady",
and Hayward's serene "New Horizons" all stood out.

The hardest thing to give away is Love
When you give Love
It just keeps coming back to you

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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" ~Jimi Hendrix, 1969


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